Research interests

Socioeconomic disparities (in health), population health, the interplay between work and life.

Project involvement

Datasets experience

  • Demetriq – data collected in the project ‘Developing Methodologies to Reduce Inequalities in the Determinants of Health’
  • EKSY – Random sample of the longitudinal population data file of Statistics Finland
  • ERFI – Étude des Relations Familiales et Intergénerationnelles
  • EU-SILC – European Union – Statistics on Income and Living Conditions
  • Eurothine – data collected in the project ‘Tackling Health Inequalities in Europe’
  • Euro-GBD-SE – data collected in the project ‘The potential for reduction of health inequalities in Europe’
  • GLOBE – Gezondheid en Levens Omstandigheden Bevolking Eindhoven en Omstreken (a prospective cohort study in the Netherlands) linked to 23 years of mortality data from Statistics Netherlands
  • HRS – Health and Retirement Study
  • IHIS – Integrated Health Interview Survey (NHIS data harmonized by IPUMS)
  • LISS – Longitudinal Internet Studies for the Social Sciences)
  • NHIS – US National Health Interview Survey
  • SHARE – Survey of Health Ageing and Retirement in Europe (including the retrospective data)

Peer reviewer for journals (listed alphabetically)

American Journal of Public Health; Community, Work & Family, Demography; European Journal of Aging; European Journal of Public Health; Genus: Journal of Population Sciences; International Journal of Epidemiology; PLoS ONE; Public Health