Research interests

Public health, social epidemiology, population health, disparities in health, life course and ageing, the US health disadvantage

(explaining) socioeconomic inequalities in health, social determinants of health and mortality, family factors and (mental) health, life course approaches to health and health disparities, work-family trajectories, cross-national differences in health

Project involvement

Datasets experience

  • Demetriq – data collected in the project ‘Developing Methodologies to Reduce Inequalities in the Determinants of Health’
  • EKSY – Random sample of the longitudinal population data file of Statistics Finland
  • ERFI – Étude des Relations Familiales et Intergénerationnelles
  • Eurothine – data collected in the project ‘Tackling Health Inequalities in Europe’
  • Euro-GBD-SE – data collected in the project ‘The potential for reduction of health inequalities in Europe’
  • GLOBE – Gezondheid en Levens Omstandigheden Bevolking Eindhoven en Omstreken (a prospective cohort study in the Netherlands)
  • HRS – Health and Retirement Study
  • IHIS – Integrated Health Interview Survey (NHIS data harmonized by IPUMS)
  • NHIS – US National Health Interview Survey
  • SHARE – Survey of Health Ageing and Retirement in Europe (including the retrospective data)

Peer reviewer for journals (listed alphabetically)

American Journal of Public Health; Demography; European Journal of Aging; European Journal of Public Health; Genus: Journal of Population Sciences; International Journal of Epidemiology; PLoS ONE; Public Health